Another Point

I have been thinking that we are not hearing enough different perspectives on the Sexual Harassment / Assault. Even though so many woman have finally been coming out and speaking strongly about the horrible things that they have been going thru all their lives. Finally, on This American Life over the weekend they finally brought … More Another Point


I can’t even recall when it was that I watched this movie but I will always remember it to be one of my all time favorite movies. In many ways I don’t even want to watch it again – in case it is not as good as I remember. – manzoor IMDb

My News Source

Someone asked me the other day what my news source were. My response was – none specifically. While I do listen to NPR and will watch CNN from time to time, I don’t really do either to get my “news”. I think we have blurred the line between “news” and “opinion” to the point that … More My News Source

TED Talks

I have been listening to TED Talks for a while now but I guess I never really wrote my thoughts about them before. It’s about time ;~) In addition to the Talks I also listen to the TED Radio Hour on KUT / NPR. – manzoor Philosophy for a Happy Life