Half the Story

I have always been bothered by the employment number. Or more precisely – the unemployment number. I have always known that the unemployment, or employment, number is not related to the total population. Which made things more bothersome. While the total population is not mentioned along with the employment / unemployment number (which makes sense), … More Half the Story


At certain point in our life we decide, or come to decide, that we want to extend our family. – manzoor

Building Blocks

I am currently working on a User Authentication module for a Django project and am anticipating using this in other Django projects. Wondering, not just with the User Authentication module, but other similar common building block modules that I could be working on and using in various projects – how would I plan on doing … More Building Blocks

Gender Gap

I was listening to the interview of ‘Fleabag’ And ‘Killing Eve’ Creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge on Fresh Air and a <understatement>little surprised</understatement> at how the interview began. – manzoor Fresh Air – ‘Fleabag’ And ‘Killing Eve’ Creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge Is Full Of Surprises  


Build the App allowing: Logins for Portal Admin Broker – 1+ Client (Employer) – 2+, allowing a broker to have a single client and another more than 1 Employee Access to restricted Data Deliver – 2 ~ 3 Weeks, March 14th ~ 21st Get Adoption – March 21st+ Iterate features- manzoor The Plan

The Plan

The Plan is quite simple really: Build the App Deliver – 2 ~ 3 Weeks, March 14th ~ 21st Get Adoption – March 21st+ Iterate features – manzoor Execution